iOS 9 Release Date

September 26, 2018 0 By apjolorg

iOS is launched just a couple of months and we have started thinking about iOS 9. There are many questions in our mind and we desperately want answers for it. People want to know what are the features which this operating system is going to have, on which devices it is going to run etc. There are some blogs available online from where you can collect information about the new operating system. We have also gathered some inform nation about the ios 9 release date.

The launch

The launch cannot be assumed to be held for next seven months. every year apple launches a new operating system and this year’s share is already out. There is no information or any announcements yet regarding the new operating system so, we can only make predictions about it. When it comes to updates, the company has created particular habits, so it is easy to get a decent idea about the release of the new OS. There are plenty of features that apple fans would like to see in the new iOS.

iOS 9 Release Date

Release Date: – Will It Come Soon?

The company updates its iOS for ipad, iphone and ipad touch every year regularly. According to the assumptions apple is going to launch IOS 9 IN 2015. There are fair chances that the company will release it at WWDC in the summer season. And then will also be launched in the next iphone hopefully in the month of September. Everyone wants to know about which ipad and iphone it is going to support.
All the new iphone are going to have iOS and will also be compatible with others. There might be some devices which are not in the list but predictions says that iphone, ipad and iPod touch models are going to run on iOS 9.

Release date history

  • iOS 6 was launched -11th June 2012 announcement and on 19th September it was launched
  • iOS 7 was announced on 10th June 2013 and released on 18th September
  • iOS 8 was announced on 2 and June and released on September 2014
  • iOS9 announcement June and release date September

iOS 7 was released publicly and same pattern was followed for others after that. The same predictions are being made with iOS 9. It is quite simple to use that iOS 9 will be launched next year in September. The company is also going to launch other smart phones with this iOS after this release. There are plenty of options that apple users are going to have. This operating system is going to have many features.

More assumptions about the release

We all know that the company announces its products on special events and in the month of June. It is quite easy to guess that ios 9 release date will be launched in June next year. They are going to launch it after the testing period. After that it will be released to public. After its release public will be able to update their smart phones and avail benefits of its new features.